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Best School for Arts and Design Programmes In Madhya Pradesh, India


A School of Arts & Design is a dynamic center where innovation grows, creativity blossoms, and the limits of artistic expression are continually challenged.

A School of Arts and Design is a vibrant and stimulating atmosphere in which students are encouraged to express themselves creatively, pursue their interests, and begin on a journey of artistic discovery and progress.

Our vision is to foster a dynamic community of academics, artists, and intellectuals that value interdisciplinary inquiry and creativity in order to advance knowledge and the arts for the benefit of society.

Our institute creates a stimulating learning atmosphere that combines the study of the arts and sciences and encourages intellectual curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Our mission is to empower students to become informed, ethical, and engaged citizens equipped with the skills and knowledge to address complex global challenges. The school provides students  interdisciplinary collaboration and dialogue across traditional boundaries, inspiring new perspectives and insights.

Here are some reasons why you should choose the Vikrant University, Gwalior?

Accredited by AICTE & UGC: The institute is accredited by the All India Council for Technical Education and approved by UGC (University Grants Commission). This signifies that the institute’s courses are of high quality and adhere to national requirements.

Interdisciplinary Approach: Our school of Arts and Design uses an interdisciplinary approach, encouraging students to investigate links between different art forms as well as between art and other fields like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Modern campus: The founded contains a cutting-edge campus with well-equipped classrooms and research facilities. The campus is found in a serene and peaceful environment, which is conducive to learning.

Experienced faculty: The college has a bunch of well-versed experts. and qualified staff individuals. The workforce individuals are specialists within the field of Arts and Design and have a riches of information and encounter to share with their student

Internship opportunities: The institute provides its students with internship opportunities. Students get the opportunity to gain practical experience in Arts and Design.

Schools of Arts and Design often provide a diverse selection of programmes and specializations to meet a variety of artistic interests and career goals. These may include

  • Fine arts,
  • Graphic design,
  • Illustration Design
  • Animation,
  • Fashion design,
  • Industrial design
  • Interior design

Sl. No


 Years of Course


Certificate Course in School of Arts and Design

1 Year


Diploma in School of Arts and Design

2 Year


Bachelors in School of Arts and Design

3 Year


M.Sc. in School of Arts and Design

2 Year

3 to 4 years of study are usually required for the Diploma in this school in which students interact with the cultural as well as critical context of arts and design in addition to honing their technical talents. They learn more about the social, political, and cultural aspects of artistic expression as they study art history, theory, and criticism.

The School of Arts and Design will provide extensive placement assistance, resulting in outstanding work options, including placements in prominent Arts and Design sectors. Students professional opportunities cultivate here, aligned with prestigious art galleries and Design institutes.
The college has a solid placement record in recent years.

Numerous on-campus resources at Vikrant University, Gwalior’s School of Arts and Design promote students’ learning and overall growth. To Support creativity and innovation, these schools frequently provide cutting-edge facilities such as

Library: A beautifully organized library at the center of academic research houses a huge selection of publications ranging from art history to contemporary trends to technique guides. From rare books to digital archives, students have unrestricted access to a plenty of information that serves as the foundation for their creative endeavors.

Labs and studios: The campus landscape is furnished with the newest instruments and technology; these dynamic areas act as breeding grounds for creativity and exploration. Students are engaged in an environment that encourages them to push the boundaries of art, whether they are investigating the subtleties of color theory, creating complex forms through sculpture, or learning about digital design.

Workshops: The school of Arts and Design provides hands-on learning, energetic workshops, led by expert craftspeople and industry professionals, these immersive seminars provide crucial insights and practical skills for turning ideas into physical pieces of art.

Students are given the opportunity to refine their trade under expert supervision, using both conventional and cutting-edge techniques.

Exhibition spaces: Vikrant University’s School of Arts and Design demonstrates the transforming power of creativity. It enables students to start on a journey of self-discovery, innovation, and artistic achievement by providing vibrant spaces, tools and possibilities for exhibitions and displays.