Vikrant Educational & Social Welfare Society

Vikrant Educational and Social Welfare Society operates with a steadfast commitment to advancing education and social welfare initiatives within the community. Guided by a visionary Advisory Board of Governors, comprised of esteemed leaders from diverse backgrounds, the Society sets a high standard for excellence and innovation. These distinguished individuals bring forth a wealth of experience and expertise, united by a shared belief in the transformative power of education.
With unwavering dedication, Vikrant Educational and Social Welfare Society has established a network of institutions dedicated to the noble pursuit of knowledge dissemination. Through these endeavors, the Society strives to foster the holistic development of individuals and contribute meaningfully to the progress and prosperity of India.

Board Members

Shri Rakesh S. Rathore
Chancellor, Vikrant University
Smt. Meena S. Rathore
Vice Chairperson
Mr. Nitin S. Tomar
Managing Director
Mr. Vikrant S. Rathore
Mrs. Garima Singh
Mrs. Gunjan Rathore
Mrs. Surabhi Singh
Joint Secretary
Mr. Ajay S. Tomar