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Information Technology is a fascinating and innovative subject that has allured students to study, explore and excel. The school of computer science opens doors to innumerable opportunities for students who have fervour in inventing future of digital technology. Our comprehensive programs are strategically designed to captivate the intellectual desire of budding scholars and to help them enhance their IT aptitude by way of innovative training and teaching. Computer science is a vast field which offers powerful courses that meet the expectations of today’s IT industry. This dynamic field is a fusion of technical know-how as well as intellectual skills. With growing time, it has seen countless transformations and has amazed people with its inventions and discoveries. Today, IT is considered as the backbone of all other competing industries. School of Computer Science is founded with an innovative vision to impart an inspiring curriculum that drives students to explore and help them meet the pace of this fast-growing technology. This best computer science college offers graduation, post-graduation and integrated degree courses in computer science that effectively articulates the subject from scratch to specialization. Our aim is to give a holistic platform to students who are zealous to take artificial intelligence and fifth generation computers to incredible levels.

Vikrant University, the best computer science University of India leaves no stone unturned in providing latest technically equipped computer labs, high quality educational programs, modern techniques of pedagogy and advanced practical training in computer science that abets budding engineers to define and refine their proficient skills and passion.


The school of Computer Science proffers an array of graduate and post graduate and doctoral programs that deals with future cyber & computer applications i.e. BCA, MCA and Ph.D.

The school emphasizes enhancing prowess and upgrading knowledge as this field is full of innovative prospects, challenges and intrigue. Our pedagogy aims in building IT scholars that specialize in all the facets of this miraculous subject and thereby, refine their intellectual skills. Our scrupulously designed course curriculum is based on global IT standards, the latest industry demands and conceptual prodigy. We are proud to have extremely proficient teachers and faculties that have the knack of bringing the best out of students through their unrivalled teaching techniques and training programs. Our realistic approach and comprehensive courses enable our students to carve a digital future and unrivalled software. Our aim is to impart all-inclusive technical know-how that drives them to learn the latest computer languages, scripts, software and programs. Furthermore, we have evolved revolutionary and pragmatic training sessions within our hi-tech computer labs to refine their practical knowledge of this vast field. It helps them groom their subjective understanding and aids them to gain hands-in-experience. Our competitive exams, motivational workshops and level-based rewards system encourage the students to accentuate undiscovered in the field and manoeuvre them to deliver near-to accurate or accurate results. It also helps them in attaining an insight into this hard & demanding IT industry.

The pedagogy of the School of Computer science encompasses the following core areas:


Computer science is a practical subject and in order to hone the skills & aptitude of students by building an ever-enhancing platform to learn and work on cutting-edge technologies.

Technology & culture:

We believe in providing healthy competitive culture to our students that give them free hands-on the latest digital technology.

Team spirit:

Our team-building exercises are very stimulating and help them learn the working culture of the IT industry. Overall personality development Our strategically designed programs help our pupils to groom their overall personality which makes them stand out of crowd and prepares them for gruelling competition in the outside world.

Program Offered
SNo Type Course
01. Under Graduate Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.)
02. Post-Graduate Master of Computer Application (M.C.A.)
03. Post-Graduate Diploma Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)
04. Ph.D. PhD. available in all streams

Career Prospects

In the era of digitization, career in IT industry is a lucrative option and most of all, there are a plethora of job opportunities in the market for IT professionals.

Be it in India or abroad, the Industry is seeking computer science experts in all sectors and is offering handsome packages. In addition, one can open its own consultancy firm or work from home as a freelance IT programmer or analyst and can thus, outsource his/her acumen and services. The scope is extensively wide and allows specialized graduates to build their own destiny in this field. The options and designations can be in several forms like solutions architect, software engineer, system analyst, technical analyst, data scientist, software developer, mobile app developer, network engineer, web designer, and system or network analyst. In order to reach heights in this challenging field, one needs proficiency and dedication. School of computer science is offering B.C.A. & M.C.A. degree programs, which have an extensive but not exhaustive curriculum. This will give young developers wings to fly but the flight distance is the limitless sky. We as an institution can enhance your technical knowledge, design your training, provide you facilities and guide your path in order to help you choose your career path. Our dedicated placement panel aids graduates and postgraduates in building careers in the field of computer science by way of counselling and inviting coveted IT organizations for campus placements. Aspirants of the field tend to do their Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) and then move ahead to do their Master’s in the same field. BCA followed by an MBA or MCA is the common path for people interested in the field of Information Technology (IT). The student could work as Web Designer, Data Entry Clerk, PHP Web Developer, software developer, software engineer, project manager, Systems Analyst and Office Administrator. Students who study BCA are very well versed in programming languages such as Java, C+, HML, and SQL.