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Library and Science is generally viewed as a field that started as a multidisciplinary field based on Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Management, Computer Science, etc. Through the courses, one understands an understanding of Library Science, its principles, Laws and Social Impact. Librarians, bridge the gap between people, information and technology. They serve the needs of selected user groups, how information is stored, evaluated and applied.
The course imparts knowledge on library management practices over information technology, management tools, education etc. Students can pursue,(B.Lib.I.Sc.), M.Lib.Sc.. as well as PhD programme in the School of Library Scienceat Vikrant University.
Library and Science is an interdisciplinary field of study that centers on the documentation that records our stories, memory, history, and knowledge. L&S professionals serve as custodians of printed materials, records, photographs, audio-visual materials, and ephemera, in both analogue and digital forms. Librarians and other information professionals collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to these materials and are the stewards of the knowledge that they contain. We connect people to the resources that they need to understand their histories, communities, and the world around them. We advocate for free and open access to these resources and train folks to use these materials to better themselves and society as life-long learners.
L&S professionals work in public libraries, school libraries, college and university libraries, corporate libraries, law libraries, medical libraries, special collections, historical societies, community archives, museums and galleries, non-profits, corporations, or anywhere that there is a need to collect, organize, and access documents and information resources.
A Master’s of Library and Information Science is required for professionals working in the L&S fields. Our program allows you to design a degree program that is tailored to your professional goals.

Program Offered
01.Under GraduateBachelor of Library and Information Science (B.Lib.I.Sc.)UG in any stream
02.Post-GraduateMaster of Library and Information Science(M.Lib.Sc.)UG in relevant stream
03.Ph.D.Ph.D. available in all streamsPG in relevant stream

Career Prospects

Library and Information Science course provides career opportunities in schools, colleges and big institutions as well as national and state libraries. It is considered a good career path for many with an interest in the collection, management and organisation of books and other library resources.

After completing graduation, students can pursue higher studies in the same field for advanced knowledge and exposure. They can also opt for higher studies abroad. In abroad, individuals with a degree in Library and Information Science get job offers in national museums and historical libraries as a librarian, digital architects, analysts, etc.

The candidates can also sit for civil service examinations after completing their graduation in a Bachelor of Library and Information Science [B.Lib.I.Sc.].

Besides that, students can also opt for highly-paid government sector jobs through various competitive examinations. They can also easily get an option for further research in the same field of education.

Moreover, they can get an opportunity for an assistant professorship or lectureship in top-notch colleges and universities.