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The Vikrant Group understands today's market demand and our mission is to develop multi-faceted professionals, specialized in fields that meet the changing needs of the global community. The curriculum and course sequence has been structured in a progressive manner so that it offers world-class quality management education to budding professionals and to create managers for this era of the digital world. The course which is designed with a global focus will generate confident, creative and proactive young professionals who will have the ability to meet the global challenges of the time.
All the programmes are delivered by world-class faculty in state-of-the-art facilities at the Vikrant University campus. Two-year/three-yearprograms comprising an intensive series of stimulating lectures, energetic seminars, intensive small group work, and team project work, which can take students anywhere in the world. A key aim of these programmes is to encourage the generation of new ideas and develop the ability to think logically, laterally and independently.
The programmes initially focus on building a broad foundation of theoretical knowledge about business, through core modules in subjects ranging from accountancy to strategy, and from managerial economics to organisational analysis. Once these core building blocks are in-place, students can take advantage of the elective choices to suit target career paths and choose whether to spend the summer working on a strategic consulting project, completing an internship, undertaking an individual academic thesis or auditing additional elective courses.
The institute offers specialized university-level programmes of formal education with a well-oriented approach to institution resourcing that fully recognizes the public and private sector and provides the learner with multiple career options. Beyond gaining specialized knowledge in the chosen field, students will also develop thehabit of learning continuously and independently.Graduates of the institute will be professionally equipped to respond confidently in the field for adapting to the changes and managing them.

Program Offered
SNo TypeCourse
01.Under GraduateBachelors of Business Administration (BBA)
Bachelor of Commerce
02.Post GraduateMaster of Business Administration (MBA) having dual specialization in the areas of Human Resources Management, Tourism and Travel Management, Marketing, Finance, International Business and Hospitality Management.
Master of Commerce (M.Com)
03.Ph.D.PhD. available in all streams

Career Prospectus

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration (MBA) and is a postgraduate degree in business administration. The concept of MBA as a discipline originated in the United States and now MBA has become a prestigious and respected degree all over the globe, which is attracting people from various academic disciplines.

There is always an ever-increasing demand for skilled managers in any organization or any institution in today’s highly competitive world because only such skilled people can tackle the highly demanding situations that organization faces in the era of liberalization and globalization.

A successful manager should possess a fine blend of qualities such as decision-making, conceptual, analytical and interpersonal skills, for making the best possible use of the available resources. MBA programmes are focusing on creating leaders and managers equipped with the above-mentioned skills. MBA as education makes one understand the language of business. This is a programme in which raw graduates will be moulded into professional managers.

An MBA curriculum has everything from finance to marketing to IT to psychology. This is because it is extremely important for a successful manager to be aware of the various dimensions of business such as operations, IT, finance, human resources, marketing etc. Besides the above, a good MBA programme will also include courses to develop the communication, presentation, creativity, social skills and team-building skills in an individual. Building up the capability to extract high-quality work out of their teams is the most important takeaway from an MBA.

After successfully undergoing an MBA programme in a good business school, an ordinary graduate will undergo a metamorphosis that converts him to a capable manager or leader who will be able enough to solve many business-related problems that can arise in the highly challenging corporate environment. Besides developing strong business acumen, it undoubtedly accelerates career growth also. As the job market becomes tougher, an MBA degree enables one to differentiate oneself from the crowd. The job market today demands professionals with abilities beyond just the knowledge of the subject and an MBA degree is definitely the way forward.

Regarding job opportunities, the sky is the limit for a well-trained MBA graduate. Manufacturing and service industries are lining up for competent MBAs to expand their business horizons. MBA will also kindle entrepreneurial skills and helps the person to face the challenges of entrepreneurship with confidence.

Career after M. Com or Masters of Commerce is one of the most sought-after courses to pursue at the PG level.

M.Com is the foundation PG course offered under the Commerce stream. M.Com is a two-year programme designed for a deeper focus on the subjects taught in B.Com. The PG course in Commerce helps one get a deeper knowledge of subjects including Accounting, International Business, Business Environment, Finance, Banking, Management, Insurance etc. Choosing a career path under a plethora of specialisations becomes difficult for an M. Com graduate.

Finding a high-paying job after M. Com can be a tricky task owing to plenty of alternative fields available. This article on careers after M Com is a guide to job opportunities after M Com, employment sectors after M Com, along the courses to pursue after M.Com.

    Employment Sector after M.Com
  • Insurance Industry
  • Educational Institutes
  • Customs Department
  • Economic Consulting Firms
  • Commercial Banking
  • International Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Tax advisory services
  • Financial services
  • Insurance services
  • Government services
Students, today look for the institutes that provide them with aworld-class education along with the best facilities to explore their full potential. Madhya Pradesh is known as the heart of India and is one of the fastest-growing states. Students from UP, Bihar, Rajasthan and, nearby states are always keen and enthusiastic about taking admission in graduate programmes run by a few universities in Madhya Pradesh. Recently, Gwalior is the name that is sliding up the ladder of popularity among the student community at a very fast pace. It has a rich heritage of culture and now gaining rapid acknowledgement as a centre of education.

Career after B.com, BBA is one of the most sought-after courses to pursue at the UG level.

Gwalior city is the home of several top institutes that offer various degree programmes ranging from B.com, BBA, BCA, LLB, BA, and degree in engineering streams. Also, Teachers Training courses on par with international standards. One such Upcoming best institute for all contemporary degree with best possible infrastructure and facilities is Vikrant University.

School of management and commerce (Vikrant University) also has exclusive supportive courses to help promote skill-based activities and career opportunities for the students through its programs. It excels at the list of Best BBA School and best B.com School in India by taking care of the standards that promote programmes of both national and international level, promote environmental, cultural and social. Vikrant Group is a centre of opportunity not only for students from Gwalior, but also for aspiring students from nearby places who wish to have quality education and build a successful career.

Furthermore, Vikrant Institute strives to ensure that students’education is multidimensional and follows a multidisciplinary approach. It has an excellent ambience and a distinctly welcoming environment for higher learning in all areas. The institute facilitates interaction with national and foreign professionals and experts to widen the knowledge, attitude and employability skills of students. Let’s have detailed information about the available degree courses degree programme, with Vikrant University.

  • Wi-Fi Campus.
  • Foreign language classes.
  • Special PD classes.
  • Preparation assistance for a foreign university scholarship.
  • Sports Facility which includes Cricket,Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis,
  • Badminton and many indoor games.
  • Audio Visual Classrooms.
  • Ultra-modern auditorium.
  • Computer Lab.
  • Provision for Swimming Pool, Gymnasium and lawn tennis.
  • Well-stocked Library.
  • Open air Cafeteria.
  • Guest lectures by IIM faculties and Industrialists.
  • Industry visits.
  • Participation in regular Events.
  • Bus Facility.

Unique opportunities at the School of Management and Commerce, Vikrant University

  • Hi-tech classrooms.
  • Hands-on and real-time industry exposure.
  • Interaction with lead corporate professionals on regular basis.
  • Problem Solving Exercises.
  • Role playing for professional development.
  • Case Studies for in-deep learning.
  • Management Games.
  • Activity-Based Learning.
  • Presentations.
  • Online and Offline Assignments.
  • Institute and Industry Interface.
  • Industry Visits.
  • Student Activity Club
  • Management Fests
  • Nukkar Natak
  • Business Quiz
  • Union Budget Discussions
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Group Discussion
  • Presentation
  • Entrepreneurship workshops – Vikrant Incubation Centre
  • Student Editorial Team
  • National Conferences and active research work